“10th Avatar” by Agrawal

  • ©Charuvi Agrawal


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    10th Avatar





    Television’s influence is so great that it has left us completely mesmerized and has become our new form of worship. Through the ages,our faith in divine power has been challenged several times. According to Hindu mythology, an avatar appeared who relieved human distress and re-established the belief in God and the avatar. Nine incarnations of God as avatars have appeared thus far, and the 10th avatar appeared with the fusion of mass media and formal worship. This film, which fuses Indian miniature art and mythology in a 3D environment, is the story of the challenge divine worship faced as cable TV encroached on our “idle” time.

Additional Contributors:

    Cast: Television Demon, God
    Story: Charuvi Agrawal
    Art Director: Charuvi Agrawal
    Composer: Patrick Cooke
    Producer: Charuvi Agrawal
    Model, Texture, Lighting, Shading,
    Animating: Charuvi Agrawal
    Compositor: Charuvi Agrawal
    Research & Development: Charuvi Agrawal
    Acknowledgement: Honorable mention to Jim Sayers, Mark Simon, and Ken Walker