“Bridgestone: Scream” by Usher

  • ©Kinka Usher  Method Studios


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Bridgestone: Scream




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Method Studios


    With technique and humor, method brought a group of forest creatures to life, including one in full photorealistic 3D.This project was loaded with a number of technical challenges that were overcome to achieve our overarching goal of seamlessly conveying a comedic concept.

    We digitally built facial expression on numerous woodland creatures. Though they were built in a computer, we gave them the timing and emotional commitment that the comedic vision called for. Our greatest challenge was the creation of a fully 3D squirrel that had to scream with his face full screen at HD1080.Other shots were action cuts from real squirrel to 3D animated squirrel. We created our own custom fur pipeline using Houdini,which gave us full control over all aspects of the fur and the creative freedom to manipulate any element as needed. All this was accomplished in eight weeks, from start to finish.

Additional Contributors:

    Lead 2D VFX Artist: Alex Frisch
    Lead 3D VFX Artist: Andy Boyd
    2D VFX Artist: Tara DeMarco
    3D VFX Artists: Chris Smallfield, Felix Urquiza, Floyd Raymer, James LeBloch, Matt Wheeler, Seong Joon Lee
    Visual Effects Shoot Supervision: Alex Frisch
    Visual Effects Executive Producer: Lisa Houck
    Visual Effects Producer: Chandra Irving, Stephanie Gilgar
    Director of Photography: Max Malkin
    Agency: The Richards Group
    Creative Director: Glen Dady
    Art Director: Shane Altman
    Agency Producer: JR Dixon
    Copywriter: Mike Bales
    Production Company: House of Usher
    Executive Producer: Nancy Hacohen
    Producer: Kathy Rhodes
    Editorial Company: Nomad
    Editor: Tom Muldoon
    Telecine Company: Company 3
    Colorist: Sean Coleman
    Audio Post: Wave Studios
    Sound Design: Wave Studios

Animation / Video Overview: