“Cloverfield: The Evolution of a Character” by Tippett Studio

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    Cloverfield: The Evolution of a Character

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Tippett Studio


    Tippett Studio’s team, led by visual effects supervisor Eric Leven and creative leads Tom Gibbons, Chris Morely, and Steve Reding,completed key dramatic and complex visual effects shots involving the monster, the deadly parasites, and a series of digital environments.

    The challenge for “Cloverfield” was how to breathe life into a 25-story monster shown from the unique perspective of the eyes of the characters on the ground, within an incredibly tight budget and deadline. Tippett’s crew was responsible for scenes including the carpet bombing of 10 blocks of Manhattan, an entire sequence (composited together to look like a single shot) dedicated to the deadly parasites,digital rats, and a full-CG shot of the creature in all its glory lasting over 60 seconds. To make the sequence feel like it was part of one continuous take, multiple shots were stitched together to give the movie the aesthetic feeling of found footage shot by an amateur.

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Eric Leven
    Visual Effects Producer: Annie Pomeranz
    Animation Supervisor: Tom Gibbons
    Lighting Supervisor: Steve Reding
    Compositing Supervisor: Chris Morley
    Art Director: Pete König
    CG Supervisor: Russell Darling
    Character Animation: Hans Brekke, Michael Brunet, Patrick Danaher, Austin Eddy, Will Groebe, Todd Labonte, Jance Rubinchik
    Lead Technical Director: Alfred Young
    Technical Directors: Mimia Arbaelez, Howard Campbell, Brad Fox, Cory Redmond
    Compositors: Nathan Abbott, Shelley Campbell, Michael Clemens, David Link, Satish Ratakonda, Jordan Schilling, David Schnee
    Modelers: Jung Jin Kang, John Koester
    Character Set-Up and Rigging: Eric Jeffery
    3D Texture Painters: August Dizon, Tim Odell
    Digital Matte Painter: Ben Von Zastrow
    Lead FX Animator: Joseph Hamdorf
    FX Animation: Allan Gersten, Mike Hall, Konstantin Promokhov: Jonathan Ramos
    Location and Matchmove Supervisor: Devin Breese
    Layout and Matchmove: Ondrej Kubicek, Kirk Larkins, Steve Moros, Chris Paizis, Dong Kang Yan
    Lead 2D Roto/Painter: Ross Nakamura
    2D Roto/Painters: Kane Brassington, Brian Smith
    Visual Effects Coordinators: Lee Hahn, Mikella Kievman
    Visual Effects Coordination Assistant: Welbon Salaam
    Visual Effects Editor: Jennifer Hutcheon
    Editorial/Imaging Services: Trina Espinoza, Page Frakes, Adam Gerardin, Shannon Hullender, Vicki Wong
    Pipeline Technical Assistant: Frederick Vega
    Render Technical Assistant: Dave Kujawski
    Data Wrangler: Alex Stockwell
    Studio Infrastructure and Support Staff
    Visual Effects Executive Producers: Jules Roman, Kip Larsen
    Chief Technology Officer: Sanjay Das
    Head of Creative Operations: Brennan Doyle
    Head of Production: Denise Minter
    Studio Production Manager: Tim de Pala
    Creative Department Managers: John Dunlap, Heather Field, Don Howe
    HR, Marketing, and Administration: Michael Cullen: Mel Gauthier, Blaise Panfalone, Lori Petrini, Dan Riha
    Accounting: Hiu Lei, Jcee Villadelgado, Ted Upland, Anne Wilson, Suzanne Yoshii
    Research and Development: Sirena Boden, Kevin Cureton, Joel Davis, Mike Farnsworth, Andrew Gardner, Anthony Lobay, Raymond Ribaric, Michael Root, Qin (Jean) Shen
    Systems Manager: Daniel Basse
    Systems Administration: Bill Bierman, Q Fortier, Neal Hoover, Matthew Smyj, M Stevens
    Facility Managers: Steve Gerardin, Tom Gilchrist
    Shop Foreman: Andy Trickel
    Facility Production Assistants: Jesse Jensen, Nick Overstreet, Garth Parr, Stacz Sadowski

Animation / Video Overview: