“Clorox “Turtle”” by Brooke

  • ©Russell Brooke  Passion Pictures



    Clorox “Turtle”


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Passion Pictures


    Animation director Russell Brooke created a computer-animated spot for the Clorox laundry bleach brand that uses various paper and fabric textures to create a world like a children’s storybook. On a busy city street, a giant knitted turtle sneezes, the force of which triggers an extraordinary chain of events.A skateboarding dog crashes into a rocket, which takes off leaving the spaceman pilot behind. The rocket crash-lands nearby, causing a lorry driver to swerve and shed his load of coloured balls, which tumble down a hill. One of the balls lands in a puddle of mud, which splashes all over a little boy who is playing football.Cut to a live-action boy arriving back at home wearing his dirty white shirt.

    “And that’s how my shirt got dirty, Mommy,” he says.

Additional Contributors:

    Client: The Clorox Company
    Agency: Dieste Harmel & Partners San Francisco
    Executive Creative Director: Carlos Tourne
    Senior Creative Director: Raymundo Valdez
    Senior Copy Writer: Alex Toedtli
    Art Director: Eduardo Cintron
    Executive Producer: John Costello
    Producer: Lottie Hope
    Models: Matt Westrup, Ian Brown, Ray Slattery, Craig Maden
    Layout: Florien Mounie
    Animation: Wes Coman, David Sigrist
    VFX: Nuno Conceicao
    Comp: Stu Hall, Claire Michaud
    Live Action: Landia, Buenos Aires
    Live Action Director: Karina Minujin
    Music + Sound Design: The Listening Chai
    Composer: Brian Flores

Animation / Video Overview: