“Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft IICinematic Teaser: “Building a Better Marine”” by Carpenter

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    Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft IICinematic Teaser: “Building a Better Marine”




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    Blizzard Entertainment’s “Building a Better Marine” teaser debuted in Seoul, South Korea, to a stadium of 17,000 ecstaticBlizzard gamers as part of the initial announcement that StarCraft II was in development. The company decided that there would be no better way to make this announcement than with a full-CG short developed by the Blizzard Entertainment film department.“Building a Better Marine” takes the viewer through the process of creating one of the game’s most basic units, the terran marine,and shows the epic scale of even the most mundane aspects of the StarCraft universe. Coming nearly 10 years after the release of the original StarCraft, this film is a visual representation of Blizzard Entertainment’s affinity for the gritty sci-fi characters and settings that distinguish the critically acclaimed series, and the company’s eagerness to share the next chapter with players around the world.

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    Producer: Angela Blake
    Additional Staff: Blizzard Entertainment’s Cinematics Team
    Production: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

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