“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” by Framestore CFC

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    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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  • Framestore CFC


    Kreacher, a sinister house-elf encountered by Harry Potter in the fifth film of his adventures,is a purely CG character who delivers a brilliantly understated performance.

    The team took an entirely muscle-based approach to Kreacher’s facial animation system, extending the functionality of tools that had been designed for other creatures in the film to give him skin that’s appropriately soft and stretchy for such an elderly character. Voice actor Timothy Bateson’s facial expressions and mannerisms were filmed as reference (although no motion capture was used), and these were incredibly useful for the facial performance. But the actual combination of body language,stance, Kreacher’s movements, and his reactions to Harry was entirely created by the animation team.This subtlety of animation, combined with the sophisticated skin shading and really believable eyelighting creates a beautiful, understated little performance: you feel that you can really see his mind in his eye, like he’s a living being.

Additional Contributors:

    Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe
    Hermione Granger: Emma Watson
    Ron Weasley: Rupert Grint
    Lord Voldemort: Ralph Fiennes
    Professor Dumbledore: Michael Gambon
    Kreacher (voice): Timothy Bateson
    Visual Effects by Framestore CFC
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Craig Lyn
    Visual Effects Producer: Amy Beresford
    CG Supervisor: Ben White
    Animation Supervisor: Max Solomon
    Compositing Supervisor: Alex Payman
    Visual Effects Coordinator: Lucinda Keeler
    Digital Artists: Ben Aickin, Simon J. Allen, Rob Allman, Ohkba Ameziane-Hassani, James Atkinson, Mark Bailey, Felix Balbas, Harry Bardak, Laurent Benhamo, Carl Bianco, Alessandro Bonora, David Bowman, Ross Burgess, Stuart Ellis, Sotos Georghiou, Danny Geurtsen, Julien Goldsbrough, Alex Hessler, Mark Hodgkins, Marc Jones, Edmund Kolloen, Chi Kwong Lo, Zoe Lamaera, Jeremy Lazare, Patricia Llaguno, Aron Makkai, Barth Maunoury, Nathan McConnel, Philip Morris, Alessandro Mozzato, Paul Oakley, Conor O’Mara, Robert O’Neill, Oleksandr Panaskevych, Anthony Peck, John Peck, Craig Penn, Richard Poet, Matthieu Poirey, Melvyn Polayah, Sebastien Potet, Stefan Putz, Sirio Quintavalle, Denis Scolan, John Sharp, David Short, Richard Slechta, Udo Smutny, Jean-David Solon, Wilson Stockman, Kristi Valk, Daniel Wade, Rachel Ward, Matthias Zeller
    Production: Warner Brothers

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