“Heavy Duty” by Chiou and Yang

  • ©Jung-Peng Chiou and Teddy Yang  Digimax, Inc.


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    Heavy Duty




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  • Digimax, Inc.


    As the sun sets on a quiet street, an elderly man takes a leisurely walk in the twilight. Suddenly hehears a scream from a nearby alley. Looking up, he discovers a portly lady hanging precariously below her porch, grasping the railing with both hands, calling for help as she dangles in mid-air.Startled, the old man darts into a phone booth. A retired superhero confronted once again by danger, the man must overcome his advanced age to save the day.

Additional Contributors:

    Voice Talent:
    Old Hero: Scott Wang
    Old Hero: Coke Lee
    Fat Lady: Mei Wang
    Fat Lady: Lea Yang
    Executive Producer: Helen Huang
    Producer: Chris Wu
    Story: Jung-Peng Chiou
    Art Director: Lucky Chen
    Production Designers: Connie Ke, Yuan Pei Hsien, Piter Sun
    Storyboard: Po-Hung Hu, Coke Lee
    Production Coordinators: Chih-Min Chang, Ray Ting
    Sound Effects: Miles Huang
    Assistant Sound Editor: Shing Ling Ho
    Editor: Edward Chang
    Modelling: Cliff Liu, Joe Deng, Oscar Lai, Jin Shih, Louis Teng, Scott Wang
    Surfacing: Yu Man Su, Mei Wang, Honey Yeh
    Rigging: Alf Chou, Jung-Peng Chiou, James Han, Pei Zhi Huang, Chia Hui Liu
    Rough Layout: Jung-Peng Chiou, Miles Cheng, Mag Lo, Meng-Chiao Tsai
    Final Layout: Jung-Peng Chiou, Miles Cheng, Mag Lo, Meng-Chiao Tsai
    Animation: Jung-Peng Chiou, Miles Cheng, Meng-Chiao Tsai, Hui-Ching Tseng, Chih-Tung Yeh, Lea Yang
    Lighting: David Hsieh, Hanfeng Chen, Wei Rong Chen, Mao Yuang Liao, Roger HoKai Lin, Ahom Wang, AJ Yen, Chih-Ying Yu
    Effects: Bill Chang, Pei Zhi Huang, Jason Jiang, Lu Ting Yun
    Compositing: Ah Dee, Sarah Chang, Jimmy Chen, Chien Hung Lin
    R&D Technical Director: Shuen-Huei Guan
    R&D Team: Jefri Haryono, Pei Zhi Huang, ChaoWei Juan
    System Support: Eric Ho, Ethan Lin, Michael Lin, Vincent Lin, Jim Wang
    Production: Digimax, Inc.

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