“Simulating Cloth at the Yarn Level” by Cornell University

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    Simulating Cloth at the Yarn Level



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  • Cornell University


    This sample footage of simulated knitted cloth showcases a computational model of cloth defined at the yarn level,which enables practical simulation of complex knitted garments with results qualitatively similar to laboratory measurements. The animation demonstrates a new way of simulating knitted cloth, by simulating the motion of its constituent yarns rather than treating it as a homogeneous sheet as other cloth simulators do.

    This new computational model produces realistic, detailed animations that show the stretching and sliding of yarn loops that produce the characteristic appearance of knits. Even though knitted fabric is widely used in clothing because its stretchy behavior is fundamentally different from woven cloth, state-of-the-art cloth simulators still cannot simulate knitted fabric faithfully because their mechanical models are inspired by woven materials. Our method predicts the properties of various kinds of knits automatically, and it scales up to complex, character-size knitted geometry with large deformations.

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    Jonathan Kaldor
    Doug James
    Steve Marschner

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