“Our Wonderful Nature” by Eshed

  • ©Tomer Eshed


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Our Wonderful Nature





    This detailed virtual animal documentary reveals the truth behind a fight between two male watershrews in the mating season. The film uses 3D techniques to replicate the look of an actual nature documentary. In reviewing the “natural” behavior of the protagonists, the film applies time stretching,film camera work, and rich sound design to make the viewing experience as exciting as possible.The unique challenge of presenting this world in a believable manner required many custom solutions.

Additional Contributors:

    Narration: John Berwick
    Story: Tomer Eshed
    Executive Producer: Holger Lochau
    Character Design: Tomer Eshed
    Art Director: Tomer Eshed
    Modeling: Tomer Eshed
    Rigging: Tomer Eshed
    Character Setup Support: Micha Herm
    Editing: Tomer Eshed
    Composer: Stefan Maria Schneider
    Technical Director: Dennis Rettkowski
    CGI Director: Dennis Rettkowski
    Animator: Tomer Eshed
    Compositor: Dennis Rettkowski
    Research & Development: Tomer Eshed
    Set Design: Jan Schneider
    Sound Design: David Ziegler
    Final Mix: David Ziegler
    Score Mix: Alexej Ashkenazy
    Foley Artist: Güther Röhn
    Production Support: Anne Baecker
    Documentary Text: Alex Eshed
    Music Performance: German Film Orchestra Babelsberg, German Symphonic Pops Orchestra
    Choir: Ad libitum
    Guitar: Tomer Eshed
    Orchestral Conductor: Bernd Wefelmeyer
    Choral Conductor: Rustam Samedov
    Music Recording Supervisor: Bernhard Albrecht
    Music Recording: Stefan Haberfeld, David Ziegler
    Production: Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen “Konrad Wolf”
    Acknowledgement: Christina Schindler, Gil Alkabez

Animation / Video Overview: