“One Pair” by Yuyama

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    One Pair


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    Two male cormorants living in Tokyo are currently between girlfriends. One spring day they decide to work together to make a splendid nest, believing that it will help attract a female. After much hard work, they complete the nest, but an unfortunate accident occurs on Christmas night …

    Great cormorants are known for their interesting behavior. Sometimes a male bird who does not have a mate joins with another single male to build a nest. In this species, nest building is a male role, and two males can produce a large, impressive nest. Of course, without mates the nest is of no use, and science cannot tell us why the birds make this seemingly pointless effort.

    Humans are known for similar behavior. Sometimes we, too, pursue goals that outwardly have little chance of success, even to the point that our friends politely suggest that we are “beating a dead horse.” Everyone, at some point, undertakes an impractical quest that cannot be understood by others. So enjoy the story of “One Pair” and share the desires of their unfulfilled hearts! One Pair

Additional Contributors:

    Story & Director Kunihiko Yuyama
    Executive Producer: Toshiaki Okuno
    Cast: Wohl Kazuki, Kosakai Remo, Koichi Yamadera
    Narration: Mami Koyama
    Character MockUp: Toshio Asakuma
    Art Director: Hiroshi Kato
    Music Director: Masafumi Mima
    Composer: Shinji Miyazaki
    Technical Director: Ken Anjyo
    CGI Director: Minoru Tokushige
    Producer: Misako Saka
    Lead Animator: Shinji Morohashi
    Chief 3D CG Designer: Fumiaki Asayama
    3D CG Designers: Ryu Harada, Chinae Nakajima, Jun Toyoshima, Yuma Miyazaki, Takuya Tsutsumi, Osamu Karasawa, Takuya Fujimoto, Shigeyuki Tabata, Hisashi Egawa, Nobuyuki Yamamoto, Kouhei Funamoto
    Compositors: So Hashimoto, Aki Fujita, Takashi Hosokawa
    CGI Assistance: GENERAL ASAHI Co., Ltd., Takuhiro Harada, Hiromitsu Hirashima
    Research & Development: Yosuke Katsura, Bernard JP Edlington
    System & Network: Satoru Yamagishi, Akira Mizubata
    Production Assistants: Ayumi Kimura, Miho Matori
    Graphic Design: Keiichi Yamamoto, Kaori Haki
    Wedding Timer Design: Kenichi Chikanaga
    Key Animators: Satoru Iriyoshi, Fumiko Yoshida, Miwa Sakai
    Animation Camera Shooting: Miyuki Hirama, Mitsutoshi Yamazaki, Miho Ishimaru
    2D Production Manager: Kenji Otake
    Editor: Ayako Miura
    Audio Production: HALF H¡EP STUDIO
    2D Animation Production Manager: Tsukasa Koitabashi
    Acknowledgement: This work is partly supported by the CREST project, Japan Science and Technology Agency

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