“Rexona “Redline”” by Kleinman

  • ©Daniel Kleinman  Framestore CFC



    Rexona “Redline”


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Framestore CFC


    This 60-second spot features bears and wolves (both CG and real), as well as a purely CG rhinoceros,all charging around the streets of Pamplona. The Framestore CFC team used the same techniques they developed for an earlier animal-oriented spot for the same product, which used Houdini to drastically speed up the pipeline, via a new grooming system. The ratio of real creatures to CGis around 50/50. In addition to the creatures, Framestore CFC’s contributions include severalCG props, including a knife hurled at our hero in some versions of the spot and crowd replication that bumped the 200-odd extras up to a more respectable number for a couple of shots.

    “Redline” had a tight schedule, and the action required of the creatures was very dynamic. The spot is essentially one long chase sequence, so the animals are seen almost entirely in full pursuit mode,rather than standing their ground.

Additional Contributors:

    Lowe NY Creatives: John Szalay, Tom Carter
    Agency Producer: Josh Litwhiler
    Production Company: Rattling Stick
    Producer: Johnnie Frankel
    For Framestore CFC VFX Supervisor: Stephane Allender
    VFX CG Supervisor: Andy Boyd
    Technical Directors: Dan Seddon, Louis Dunlevy, Laura Dias, Simon French, Michele Fabbro
    Modelling: Alex Doyle
    Animators: Dale Newton, Nicklas Andersson, Mike Mellor, Florent De La Taille, Matt Everit, Marie Celaya
    Junior Technical Director: Paul Jones
    Inferno Artists: Marcelo Pasqualino, Christophe Allender
    Roto Artists: Nicha Kumkeaw, Dasha Ashley
    Telecine Colorist: Matt Turner
    VFX Producer: Scott Griffin

Animation / Video Overview: