“BBC Ident “Penguins”” by McGee

  • ©Mike McGee



    BBC Ident “Penguins”



    Red Bee Media and Framestore CFC created a new Christmasident and three accompanying comedy stings for BBC One that were aired during the channel junctions over the festive period in 2008. Pitched, directed, and supervised by Framestore CFCCreative Director Mike McGee, the spot’s live-action footage was filmed over two days at an ice rink in June 2007, using over 70 people from the local area. A stuffed Emperor Penguin also took part in the shoot, because it was useful for the highly accurate lighting information it would give the team. The 3d Animated penguins were then created and added to the plates over some eight weeks.

    Working in Maya, Houdini, and Flame, a skilled team of animators, TDs, and compositors ensured that every detail of the 110 penguins’ look and choreography worked perfectly. In addition to the Christmas ident, a less seasonal-specific version of the ident that could be used by the channel all year round was commissioned. Mike McGee came up with a solution involving removable 3D elements, including the Christmas tree, whichmade reversioning easy and economical.

Additional Contributors:

    Flame Artist: George Roper
    CG Supervisor: Dan Seddon
    Shoot Supervisors: Tim Osborne, Paul Denhard
    Producer: Emma Malpass
    Technical Directors: Paul Chandler, Paul Denhard, Michele Fabbro, Ben Falcone, Paul Jones, Jabed Khan, Henry VanDerBeek, Mark Wainright
    Animators: Nicklas Andersson, Kate Hood, Thierry Marchand, Mike Mellor, Simon Rouby
    Rotoscope: Jason Burnett, Savneet Nagi, Laura Ingram
    Supplemental Compositing: Avtar Bains, Tim Osborne
    Production: Red Bee Media

Animation / Video Overview: