“The Chemical Brothers:“The Salmon Dance”” by Framestore CFC

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    The Chemical Brothers:“The Salmon Dance”

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  • Framestore CFC


    The promotional video for a recent Chemical Brothers single,“The Salmon Dance,” features an aquarium filled with all-rapping, all-dancing fish. One of Framestore’s animators came up with some preliminary fish sketches, from which the directors could select their approach to the video. Pre-viz gave the team a chance to block out some of the big chorus sequences. A two-day shoot-off captured the necessary plates and overcame some interesting challenges, including cloudy tank water and a malfunctioning periscope camera.

    After a little over two weeks for rigging and so forth, the team completed work in Maya on some 320 hand-animated fish injust six more weeks. One thing that really helped was a brilliant dynamic script developed by a Junior TD for animating the finsand other features. It was a massive time-saver in the animationand brought an extra level of realism to the renders. The trick was to walk a line between necessary stylization and an overly“cartoony” look.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: John Madsen
    Production Company: Factory Films
    For Framestore CFC VFX Supervisor: Ben Cronin
    Lead Technical Director/3D Supervisor: Simon French
    Animation Lead: Mike Mellor, Nicklas Andersson
    Animators: Dale Newton, Sylvain Marc, Andrew Daffy, Florent de La Taille
    Technical Directors: Dan Seddon, Henry van der Beek, Paul Denhard, Ben Falcone, Alex Doyle, Diarmid Harrison-Murray
    Junior Technical Directors: Richard Coley, Jabed Khan, Peter Claes
    Compositors: Chris Redding, Pedro Sabrosa, Darran Nicholson
    Telecine: Dave Ludlam
    Producer: Sarah Hiddlestone
    Acknowledgement: Special thanks to the London Aquarium for reference material access.

Animation / Video Overview: