“Carbon Footprint (Discovery Networks EMEA/Jellyfish Pictures)” by Lambert

  • ©Matt Lambert



    Carbon Footprint (Discovery Networks EMEA/Jellyfish Pictures)



    Decay never looked so beautiful as it does in this short movie for the Discovery Channel. “Carbon Footprint” is one of the most believable time-lapse sequences achieved with completely digital techniques. It features photo-real snow and ice in extremely minute detail as it presents the spectacular decomposition of a soda can over 50 years. The production team used a wide variety of techniques and tools, including projection mapping, HDRI, high-resolution models, global illumination, and in-house shaders, all in one seamless camera shot.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Stefano Salvini
    VFX Supervisor-3D Artist: Matt Chandler
    Lead Compositor: Fabio Zaveti
    Sound Design: Ben Lukas Boysen
    Discovery Channel EMEA Executive Producer: Bruce Meier

Animation / Video Overview: