“Fight For Life (BBC/DCTP/Discovery/VFX – Jellyfish Pictures)” by Jellyfish Pictures

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    Fight For Life (BBC/DCTP/Discovery/VFX – Jellyfish Pictures)



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    This is the definitive story of the inside of the body, as we’ve never seen it before. The believability of the CGI means that it engages and serves dramatic and narrative purposes, not just explanation–a first for factual programming of this kind.

    The human body has been done many times before for television.The challenge in this project was to take it a step further into the realm of complete believability. The brief was never easy,nor was the subject matter: mixing actual live, hand-held shots of medical-trauma cases with high-end CGI and making it seem like the camera was actually in the body. The series had extremely high audience appreciation. The press interest was huge. And it received rave reviews, not the normal outcome for a factual series on BBC1 primetime in midsummer.

Additional Contributors:

    Jellyfish Pictures VFX Supervisor: Philip Dobree
    Lead Technical Directors: Marco Iozzi, Matt Chandler
    Animation Team: Katrina De Graaff, Mark Docherty, Sam Howell, Jayson King, Howard Kingston, Antonio Mossucca, Gemma Thomson, Conal Wenn
    Compositing Team: Sam Meisels, Ben Perrott, Arthur Broome, Dominic Halford, Richard Fox
    BBC Executive Producer: Jessica Cecil
    BBC Series Producer: Kate Beetham
    BBC Visual Effects Producer: Nicola Kingham

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