“Fanboy” by Cashman

  • ©Shaun Cashman  Nickelodeon Animation


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  • Nickelodeon Animation


    Fanboy and his sidekick Chum Chum battle a frozen drink ice monster in their local convenience store. “Fanboy” successfully translates the creative vision of Eric Robles’ unique 2D character designs into CG animation. The characters’ exaggerated expressions and comedic acting as well as the film’s lighting and textures are especially notable in creating this feature-quality look on a TV budget.

Additional Contributors:

    Fanboy/Kid #2: David Hornsby
    Chum Chum/Kid #1: Nancy Cartwright
    Fanman/Lenny: Jeff Bennett
    Announcer: Don LaFontaine
    Ice Monster: Kevin Michael Richardson
    Created by Eric Robles
    Executive Producers: Fred Seibert, Larry Huber
    CoExecutive Producer: Eric Robles
    Producer: Kevin Kolde
    Line Producer: Therese Trujillo
    Production Manager: Jack Kinman
    Production Coordinators: Eric Cookmeyer, MacGregor Middleton
    Executive in Charge for Nickelodeon: Claudia Spinelli
    VP of Development for Frederator: Eric Homan
    Development Coordinator for Frederator: Melissa Wolfe
    Executive Assistants: Carrie Miller, Scott Mouro
    Storyboard Artists: Andy Kelly, Eric Robles
    Character Design & Expressions: Eric Robles
    Prop Design: Amber Lee Hardin
    Background Design: Caesar Martinez
    Color Stylist & Background Painting: Chad Woods
    CG Character Modeler: Eric Shveima
    CG Character & FX Modeler: Josh Mossotti
    CG Supervisor: Lee Nelson
    Animators: Jacob Bergman, Justin Murphy, Dale Hendrickson
    Lead Environment Artist: Ian Adams
    Lighting and Texture: Lee Nelson
    Compositors: Nate Hopkins, Cornelius Magas
    Animatic Supervisor: Justin Baker
    Animatic Editor: Ted MacHold
    Dialogue Editor: Michael Petak
    Animation Checker: Kathy Gilmore
    Track Reading: Slightly-Off Track Inc.
    Music Supervisor: Bodie Chandler
    Original Music: Kevin Manthei
    Voice Direction: Ginny McSwain
    Casting Director: Meredith Layne C.S.A.
    Casting Assistant: Erin Giesenhagen
    Recording Engineer: Justin Brinsfield
    Assistant Recording Engineer: Mishelle Smith
    Supervising Picture Editor: Otto Ferrene
    Assistant Editor: Kevin Zelch
    Director of Post Production: Jason Stiff
    Post Production Supervisor: Molly Maldonado
    Post Production Coordinator: Myra Lopez
    Additional Post Production Services: Anna Adams, Andre Boutilier, Christian Evans, J.F. Kinyon
    Post Production Services: Encore Hollywood
    Telecine Colorist: Dexter P.
    Post Production Sound Services: Oracle Post
    Re-Recording Mixer: D.J. Lynch
    Sound Effects Editor: Bill Devine
    Foley Mixer: Ian Nyeste
    Foley Artist: Vincent Guisetti
    Animation Producer: Peter Luong
    Animation Production Services: Red Eye Animation Studios Inc.
    Acknowledgement: Special thanks to Margie Cohn, Eric Coleman, Rico Hill, Mark Taylor, and Cyma Zarghami

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