“Chrysalis” by Leclercq

  • ©Julien Leclercq  La Maison


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  • La Maison


    “Chrysalis” is a futuristic thriller directed by Julien Leclercq and produced by Gaumont. As this sequence illustrates, la maison was confronted with creating several realistic and seamlessly integrated visual effects. The film’s most demanding scene challenged the facility to portray a young woman’s remote heart operation. A virtual surgical system, camera movements, and an actress’s hand gestures were pre-visualized in 3D before the shoot. The robot arms and heart were modeled in 3D using Houdini and later integrated with the live-action footage.

Additional Contributors:

    Production Company: Gaumont
    Producer: Franck Chorot
    Edit House: Gaumont
    Editor: Thierry Hoss
    Digital Visual Effects: la maison
    Visual Effects Producer: Annie Dautane
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Bruno Maillard
    Lead Graphic Artists: Bruno Maillard, François Dumoulin, Michael Marques, Eve Ramboz
    CG Supervisor: Luc Froehlicher
    Software Research and Development: Frédéric Valleur
    CG Artists: Emmanuel Chapon, Luc Froehlicher, Guillaume Laforge, Pierre Pilard, Matthieu Royer, Myriam Catrin
    Digital Matte Painting: Alain Duval, Emmanuel Gorin, Christian Volkmann
    Rotoscope Artists: Micha Sher, Morgan Varona, Elodie Latapie
    Technical Director: Michel Roy
    Visual Effects Coordinator: Dorothée Dray
    Director of Photography: Lucien Balibar
    Art Director: Jean-Philippe Moreaux
    Music: X-TRACK

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