“Animation of Jellyfishwith Tentacles” by Hirato

  • ©Junsei Hirato



    Animation of Jellyfishwith Tentacles



    This animation demonstrates a method for generating animations of jellyfish umbrellas and many tentacles considering the influence of fluid force. Since the computational cost of precise numerical calculations reflecting the appearance of the umbrella and tentacles moving softly in a fluid is too high, this method constructs a computational model with a simplified physical basis. The model is straightforward to implement, has a low computational cost, and is capable of generating visually plausible results. It is possible to apply changes to various properties of the motion, such as the propagation of pulsations, simply by changing values of Young’s modulus and the velocity of flow in the target environment. In addition, by changing the form of the umbrella, or the length of the tentacles and other variables, it is possible to animate various types of jellyfish.

Additional Contributors:

    Animation Director: Junsei Hirato
    Animator: Junsei Hirato
    Music Composer: Junsei Hirato
    Producer: Yoichiro Kawaguchi
    Supervisor: Yoichiro Kawaguchi
    Production: Kawaguchi Lab, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies The University of Tokyo

    Some background images
    are from CG artworks by
    Professor Yoichiro Kawaguchi,
    The University of Tokyo.
    The source code of the
    MPS method is provided by
    Professor Seiichi Koshizuka,
    The University of Tokyo.

    This project is funded by

Animation / Video Overview: