“Nature “Tzu-jan”” by Rubenstein

  • ©Ari Rubenstein  Curv Studios


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    Nature “Tzu-jan”




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Curv Studios


    A study of traditional Chinese landscape painting, focusing on the aesthetics of design and composition, through the medium of computer graphics. The achievements of this project showcase usage of 3D procedural design tools to create complex organic scenery and 3D compositing techniques for use in large-scale landscape Vfx shots.

    For large-scale establishing shots, Vfx vendors have traditionally utilized matte paintings and miniatures to represent locations that are not practical for in-camera capture. Outside of a few studios that have developed proprietary procedural modeling and propagation software, few tools are available for creation of photo-realistic organic scenery.

    For “Nature,” I researched all commercially available 3d Landscape-visualization tools. Only E-on software’s Vue xStreamhad the requisite multi-app camera-translation functionality and multi-pass rendering technology necessary for creating realistic environments through live-action compositing methods.The camera I/O tools allowed use of a variety of software topre-visualize and generate layers of Vfx and geometry based on each application’s strengths. This bridging of previous software constraints enables small studios and independent artists without the R&D resources of large facilities to create imagery of high production value.

Additional Contributors:

    Concept, Design, VFX Artwork: Ari Rubenstein
    Matte Painted Clouds: Matt Wilson
    Technical Consultant: Prapanch Swamy
    Chinese Calligraphy: Alen Lai
    Music Consultant: Todd Daugherty
    Composer: Fila Brazillia
    Photography: Wang Wusheng
    Webmaster: Rob Fiduccia
    Production: Curv Studios

Animation / Video Overview: