“A Faery’s Tale” by Apostol

  • ©Sylvia Apostol



    A Faery’s Tale



    “A Faery’s Tale” is a spin on the classic tooth fairy character. It tells the story of a little creature’s trip into town in search of new teeth for its collection. On its journey, it encounters a little girl who has a collection of her own. The goals of the piece were to capture the director’s illustrative style in 3D and introduce new imagery of the traditional tooth fairy.

Additional Contributors:

    Story: Sylvia Apostol
    Producer: Sylvia Apostol
    CG Modeler: Sylvia Apostol
    CG Texturer: Sylvia Apostol
    CG Lighter: Sylvia Apostol
    Lead Animators: Will Clark, Luke Rowsell
    Animators: Han Hu, Ryan Moran, Rich Pernice, Michael Vicari, Catherine Yoo
    Riggers: James Dick, Joji Tsuruga
    Compositor: Sylvia Apostol
    Musical Score: Joshua Evensen
    Sound Design: Maxim Kornev, Ryan Moran
    Production: School of Visual Arts
    Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Martin Boksar, Leslie Chung, Stuart Cudlitz, Steve Dickinson, James Dick, Dave Eppley, Jong Do Kim, Chris Greener, David Halbstein, Mothana Hussein, Jeffrey Lerer, John McIntosh, Kate Schaffer, Taino Soba, Jerome Thelia, and to my family and friends for their great support.

Animation / Video Overview: