“The Secret Life Of Vortices” by ETH Zürich

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    The Secret Life Of Vortices



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  • ETH Zürich


    This visualization uses monoscopic and stereoscopic volume rendering of vortex destruction in aircraft wakes and vortex rings from large-scale simulations using billions of particles.

    Vortices, the rotation of fluid elements, are the muscles of all fluid flows, and they are responsible for phenomena as diverse as the lift on aircraft wings and the opening and closing of our heart valves. This work visualizes the evolution of two fundamental vortex structures: a vortex ring and an aircraft wake.

    These simulations require state-of-the art simulations using billions of computational elements across thousands ofprocessors.

    This movie demonstrates the potential of high-quality volume rendering of these very large datasets. The stereoscopic visualization tool allows tracking of complex flow structures to explore the dataset, thus enabling unprecedented physical insight into a fundamental flow phenomenon.

Additional Contributors:

    Cast: Vortex Ring, Aircraft Wakes
    Rendering, Compositing: Diego Rossinelli
    Storyboard: Diego Rossinelli, Philippe Chatelain, Michael Bergdorf
    Dataset: Michael Bergdorf, Philippe Chatelain, Alessandro Curioni
    Music: Evangelos Kotsalis, Scott Waddel, John Holovach
    Team Leader: Petros Koumoutsakos
    Production: CSE Lab, ETH Zürich
    Acknowledgement: Swiss National Supercomputing Center, IBM Zürich Research Laboratory

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