“Rhythm & Hues 2007 Feature Film Work” by Rhythm & Hues Studios

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    Rhythm & Hues 2007 Feature Film Work



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  • Rhythm & Hues Studios


    Rhythm & Hues celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2007 with a quartet of feature-film projects that display the firm’s expansive capabilities.

    “The Golden Compass” (Oscar nominated for Achievement in Visual Effects) displays the proprietary fluid simulation techniques recognized in 2008 with a Scientific and Technical Academy Award,as well as the high degree of difficulty in creating believable human-daemon interactions.

    “Alvin & The Chipmunks” demonstrates Rhythm & Hues’ highly advanced look-development pipeline, from character design to modeling, rigging, lighting, and fur.

    “Evan Almighty,” one of the seven visual effects Bake Off films, features real and CG animals side-by-side.

    “The Kingdom” suspended disbelief in several key scenes with digital set extensions, explosions,and other invisible effects by Rhythm & Hues.

Additional Contributors:

    “The Golden Compass”
    Distributor: New Line Pictures
    Producers: Bill Carraro, Deborah Forte
    Executive Producers: Toby Emmerich, Michael Lynne, Ileen Maisel, Andrew Miano, Mark Ordesky, Bob Shaye, Paul Weitz
    Co-Producer: Nikolas Korda
    Director: Chris Weitz
    Overall VFX Supervisor: Mike Fink
    VFX Supervisor: Bill Westenhofer
    Co-VFX Supervisor: Raymond Chen
    VFX Producer: Gary Nolin
    Animation Director: Eric Jan de Boer
    Art Director: Mike Meaker
    And a crew of 400

    “The Kingdom”
    Distributor: Universal Pictures
    Executive Producers: Sarah Aubrey, John Cameron, Dylan Clark, Ryan Kavanaugh, Mary Parent, Steven P. Saeta
    Producers: Peter Berg, Michael Mann, Tim Smythe
    Co-Producer: K.C. Hodenfield
    Associate Producer: Maria Williams
    Director: Peter Berg
    VFX Supervisor: John “DJ” DesJardin
    VFX Producer: Lisa Goldberg
    2D VFX Supervisor: Hoiyue Harry Lam
    Art Director: Richard Mahon
    And a crew of 150

    “Evan Almighty”
    Distributor: Universal Pictures
    Producers: Gary Barer, Roger Birnbaum, Michael Bostick, Neal H. Moritz, Amanda Morgan Palmer, Tom Shadyac
    Executive Producers: Gary Goetzman, Tom Hanks, Ilona Herzberg, Matt Luber, Dave Phillips
    Co-Producers: Ori Marmur, Jonathan Watson
    Associate Producers: Janet L. Wattles, Jason Wilson
    Director: Tom Shadyac
    VFX Supervisor: Doug Smith
    VFX Producers: Bill Tlusty, Erika Burton
    Animation Supervisor: Andrew Arnett
    Art Directors: Chris Consani, Mike Meaker
    And a crew of 350

    “Alvin & the Chipmunks”
    Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox
    Producers: Ross Bagdasarian, Jr., Michele Imperato, Janice Karman, Steve Waterman
    Executive Producer: Karen Rosenfelt
    Associate Producer: Michele Panelli-Venetis
    Director: Tim Hill
    Animation Director: Chris Bailey
    VFX Supervisor: Todd Schifflet
    VFX Producer: Karey Maltzhan
    Animation Director: Lyndon Barrois
    Art Director: Chris Consani
    And a crew of 350

    Production: Rhythm & Hues Studios, Inc.
    Acknowledgement: Special thanks to the hundreds of digital artists and staff of Rhythm & Hues who worked on these productions

    Rhythm & Hues Film Division Executives
    President: Lee Berger
    Executive Producer: Erika Burton
    Head of Production: Julie D’Antoni
    Senior Production Executive: Heather Jennings
    Manager of Production Operations: Markus Kurtz
    Executive Assistant/Contract Administrator: Judi Affleck
    Rhythm & Hues Studios CEO/Founder: John Hughes
    Co-Founder and VP Development: Pauline Ts’o
    Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect: Keith Goldfarb
    Vice President, Technology: Mark Brown
    Executive Producer, Commercial Division: Paul Babb
    Executive Director, Design Division: Stacy Burstin
    Director, Digital Production: Ken Roupenian
    Managers, Digital Production: Angelica Cassilas, Jay Miya
    Managing Director, R&H India Operations: Prashant Buyyala
    Director, R&H India: Saraswathi Balgam
    Vice President, Finance: David Weinberg
    Education Manager: Shish Aikat
    Senior Educator: Dan Vauhan
    Manager of Recruitment: Barbara McCollough
    Director of Operations: David Keller
    Tech Support Supervisor: David Perkins
    Film Editorial Manager: Josh Margolies
    Digital Imaging Supervisor: Erik Akutagawa

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