“IBM Web Campaign: What Makes You Special?” by de Beek and Fries

  • ©Jerry van de Beek and Betsy de Fries  Little Fluffy Clouds LLC


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    IBM Web Campaign: What Makes You Special?




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Little Fluffy Clouds LLC


    For the fastest-growing sector in advertising–the web–we were asked to make a series of spots for IBM that could define the company’s global objectives, entertain, and be both innovative and fun. Ostensibly for the web, these spots had to be able to leverage across all current advertising media, including cinema,TV, and print.

    In the dimensional space of a free-flowing inkblot, the story is about a company situated in many parts of the world but tightly connected at the core. Using soft, muted tones and playing freely with the movement of patterns, a rush of ink, and a sweeping camera, people, ideas, jobs, and more are revealed in a globalinter-connected dance.

    For each spot, a seminal image, created in Illustrator and enhanced with Photoshop, was brought into After Effects, where each layer was separated, placed, and animated in its unique 3D environment. Moving the camera through these animating illustrations, 3D elements were added and effects created using plug-ins, to create the entire world.

Additional Contributors:

    Client: IBM
    Agency: Ogilvy One New York
    Executive Creative Directors: Vicki Azarian, Bill Uscatu
    Art Directors: David Heatley, Sarah Pollard, Christina Markle
    Producers: Matt Pichney, Rich Yeung
    Account Executive: Becca Valle
    Production: Little Fluffy Clouds
    Executive Producers: For Little Fluffy Clouds, Betsy de Fries, For Curious Pictures, Mary Knox
    Art Directors: Jerry van de Beek, Betsy de Fries
    Technical Director: Jerry van de Beek
    CGI Director: Jerry van de Beek
    CGI Producer: Betsy de Fries
    Lead Animator: Jerry van de Beek
    Compositor: Jerry van de Beek
    System & Network: Jerry van de Beek
    Graphic Design: Jerry van de Beek, Betsy de Fries
    Music: Trivers-Myers Music LA
    Composers: Liz Myers, John Trivers
    Acknowledgement: John Robertson for Curious Pictures

Animation / Video Overview: