“Lux “Neon Girl”” by Kleinman

  • ©Daniel Kleinman  Framestore CFC



    Lux “Neon Girl”


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Framestore CFC


    Featuring animated 3D VFX unlike anything Framestore CFC has come up with before, “Neon Girl” isa new all-CG spot for Shine soap from Lux. This was a major project for the Framestore team, in particular because of the contribution they made to the production design. When Framestore got the job, there was a basic storyboard that laid out the narrative, but there were no designs.

Additional Contributors:

    Client: Unilever
    Agency: Santo
    General Creative Directors: Maximiliano Anselmo, Sebastian Wilhelm
    Copywriters: Matias Ballada, Sebastian Wilhelm
    Art Director: Maximiliano Anselmo
    Head of Production: Facundo Perez
    Agency Producers: Andres Salmoyraghi
    Production Company: Rattling Stick
    Executive Production: Johnnie Frankel
    For Framestore CFC Production Design: Dale Newton
    Design: Sylvain Marc
    Animators: Dale Newton, Sylvain Marc
    Additional Animation: Florent de La Taille
    Senior Technical Director: Diarmid Harrison-Murray
    Technical Directors: Guillaume Fradin, David Mellor
    Junior Technical Director: Paul Jones
    Modelling: Mary Swinnerton
    Senior Compositing Artist: Tim Osborne
    Producer: Scott Griffin
    Production: Rattling Stick

Animation / Video Overview: