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    SIGGRAPH 2015 will offer an expanded array of courses to help attendees learn “how to do something” or “how to do something faster, better, smarter, more easily, etc.”

    Courses may be targeted for different levels of expertise, from beginner to expert, and cut across broad sectors of computer graphics and interactive techniques. Courses may be as brief as one hour in duration, targeted for a select audience to address a single issue. Alternatively, courses may be a half-day long, or they may be presented in two parts spanning an entire day or two half-days. Short courses (1 or 1.5 hours) should have one lecturer and half-day sessions should have one or two presenters. Short-course proposals are specifically invited that connect with, or are related to, proposals for exhibits in Emerging Technologies or the Art Gallery, or hands-on activities in the Studio.

    Courses may be proposed to provide instructional materials for subjects found in any SIGGRAPH 2015 program, from motion picture production to games or mobile application development. Courses that show how to use or combine skills and techniques from different areas of computer graphics, and re-apply them in novel ways for which they were not originally intended in a manner that can contribute or improve facility in other areas, are also and specifically welcome.

    Course proposals will be judged as part of the general submissions process, with initial submissions due in February 2015. All courses should have clear and specific learning objectives that will be published prior to the conference. In addition to a wider selection of course lengths, SIGGRAPH 2015 offers a new opportunity for course instructors to provide a (research) poster and/or images for display during the conference.

    Course presenters must have permission to use everything proposed in a presentation and must secure performance rights licenses for use of any third-party copyrighted material.


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