“Modeling and Capturing the Human Body for Rendering, Health, and Visualization” by Li, Das, Swedish, Park and Raskar

  • ©Hao Li, Anshuman Das, Tristan Swedish, Hyunsung Park, and Ramesh Raskar



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    Modeling and Capturing the Human Body for Rendering, Health, and Visualization

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    Who Should Attend
    Attendees who are interested in accurate modeling and capturing of the human body for rendering, health, and visualization applications. 

    Modeling the human body is of special interest in computer graphics for creation of “virtual humans”, but material and optical properties of biological tissues are complex and not easily captured. This course covers the major topics and challenges in using image acquisition to model the human body. It presents an overview of the bio-physics that creates the variability in appearance of the eye, ear, skin, mouth, and hair. And it explains current methods used to create more accurate models by incorporating tools used in biomedical imaging to produce visually accurate human anatomy. The course concludes with an exploration of image acquisition and modeling in health applications.

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