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  • MIT


  • SIGGRAPH 2016

    Anshuman  Das  is  a  postdoctoral  associate  at  MIT  and  the  Tata  Center  for Technology  and  Design.    Anshuman  is  interested  in  creating  rapid  diagnostics that are  smart, predictive, and  accessible  and  will  improve  the  way  diagnostics are  carried  out.  Within  the  health  diagnostics  field  he  is  exploring  intersections with  health  diagnostics  and  optics,  lasers,  UV-VIS,  soft  x-ray,  Raman,  and terahertz  spectroscopy.  He  is  also  interested  in  super-resolution  optical  imaging and  soft  matter  based  optical  elements.  He  is  currently  working  on  electrical  and optical  sensing  of  infections,  wide-angle  endoscopy  and  designing  smart otoscopes.  Before  coming  to  MIT  Anshuman  received  his  Ph.D.  from  JNCASR in  India  where  he  researched  on  light  management,  degradation,  and  electrode design  in  organic  solar  cells. 

    SIGGRAPH 2015

    Anshuman Das is a postdoctoral associate at MIT and the Tata Center for Technology and Design. Anshuman is interested in creating rapid diagnostics that are smart, predictive, and accessible and will improve the way diagnostics are carried out. Within the health diagnostics field he is exploring intersections with health diagnostics and optics, lasers, UV-VIS, soft x-ray, Raman, and terahertz spectroscopy. He is also interested in super-resolution optical imaging and soft matter based optical elements. He is currently working on electrical and optical sensing of infections, wide-angle endoscopy and designing smart otoscopes. Before coming to MIT Anshuman received his Ph.D. from JNCASR in India where he researched on light management, degradation, and electrode design in organic solar cells.  

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