Stephen McAuley

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  • Ubisoft Entertainment


  • SIGGRAPH 2020

    Stephen McAuley started in video games in 2006 at Bizarre Creations before moving to Ubisoft in 2011, where he  spearheaded the graphical vision on the Far Cry brand. In 2020, he joined Sony Santa Monica as a Lead Rendering Engineer. He focuses on physically based lighting and shading, data-driven rendering architecture and overall  improvements in visual quality. He is also passionate about sharing his knowledge with the industry as a whole, running internal and external training and conferences.  

    SIGGRAPH 2012

    Stephen McAuley joined Ubisoft in 2011 after spending 5 years at Bizarre Creations, where he worked on games such as Blood Stone, Blur and Project Gotham Racing, focusing on rendering architecture, physically-based shading and deferred lighting.  

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