“Physically Based Shading in Theory and Practice” by Hill, McAuley, Andersson, Hery, Hoffman, et al. …

  • ©Stephen Hill, Stephen McAuley, Hakan 'Zap' Andersson, Christophe Hery, Naty Hoffman, Brian Karis, Dimitar Lazarov, Adam Martinez, David Neubelt, Matt Pettineo, and Ryusuke Villemin


    Who Should Attend
    Practitioners from the videogame, CG animation, and VFX fields, as well as researchers interested in shading models.

    An understanding of shading models and their use in film or game production.

    Physically based shading is transforming the way we approach production rendering, and simplifying the lives of artists in the process. By adhering to physically based, energy-conserving models, one can easily create realistic materials that maintain their properties under a variety of lighting conditions. In contrast, traditional “ad-hoc” models have required extensive tweaking to achieve the same result. Building upon previous incarnations of the course, we present further research and practical advice on the subject, from film and game production.

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