SIGGRAPH 2013: Courses

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    In SIGGRAPH 2013 Courses, attendees learn from the experts in the field and gain inside knowledge that is critical to career advancement. Courses are short (1.5 hours) or half-day (3.25 hours) structured sessions that often include elements of interactive demonstration, performance, or other imaginative approaches to teaching.

    SIGGRAPH Courses inspire creativity by giving attendees practical and theoretical knowledge to scaffold their work at home. We strive to meet the needs of all whose work encompasses computer graphics and interactive techniques, whether in the industry or academia. Some courses introduce or refresh fundamentals while others cover cutting-edge innovations.

General Submissions Jury:

    Cindy Grimm
    Oregon State University

    Jeff Han
    Microsoft Corporation

    Esther Lim

    Linda Lauro-Lazin
    Pratt Institute

    Craig Barnes
    Nokia Corporation

    Ron Henderson
    DreamWorks Animation

    Emily Whiting
    ETH Zürich

    Ryan Schmidt
    Autodesk Research

    Makai Smith
    Bentley Systems, Inc.

    Riccard Linde
    Activision, Incorporated

    Marc Olano
    University of Maryland, Baltimore County

    Scott Schaefer
    Texas A&M University

    Eric Tabellion

    Juan Buhler

    Meng Yu
    Pixar Animation Studios

    Mark Carlson
    DreamWorks Animation

    Michela Rose
    Sony Pictures Imageworks

    Pete Segal
    Luxology LLC

    Mathew Selby
    Sony Pictures Imageworks

    Dori Littell-Herrick
    Woodbury University

    Paul Dietz
    Microsoft Corporation

    Sidney Fels
    The University of British Columbia

    Gregory Nichols

    Gerald Edsall
    Microsoft Corporation

    Daniel Maskit
    Double Negative

    Samuel Black

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