James A. McCombe

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  • Imagination Technologies, Engineer


  • SIGGRAPH 2013

    James A. McCombe is an engineer and entrepreneur in the field  of parallel computing, hardware architecture and computer graphics. James currently works at Imagination Technologies, a UK based  company which, among other technologies, develops the PowerVR GPU which is integrated into many of the mobile phones and tablets on the market today. James is currently working to augment the  PowerVR GPU architecture to support ray tracing in constrained, low- power environments with the intention of bringing ray tracing to the  broadest possible range of devices. Previously, he was the Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Caustic Graphics where he developed methods for improving computational efficiency in many aspects of a ray tracing system. Imagination Technologies acquired  Caustic Graphics in 2010. Prior to this, James was a lead engineer of  the mobile and desktop OpenGL graphics system at Apple Computer, contributing to the evolution of programmable shading on GPUs. James A. McCombe holds more than 11 granted patents in the areas of parallel hardware scheduling, numeric representation and spatial data structures.  


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