“OpenSubdiv From Research to Industry Adoption” by Loop, Gelder, Litke, El Guerrab, Elmieh, et al. …

  • ©Charles Loop, Dirk Van Gelder, Nathan Litke, Rachid El Guerrab, Baback Elmieh, and Manuel Kraemer



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    OpenSubdiv From Research to Industry Adoption

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    Who Should Attend
    Anyone interested in surface representations for animation

    Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces were invented in the 1970s. The specification was extended with local edits, creases, and other features, and formalized into a usable technique for animation in 1998. But the extended technology has not enjoyed widespread adoption in animation for a variety of reasons. Recently, Pixar decided to release its subdivision patents and working codebase, in the hope that giving away its high-performance GPU-accelerated code will create a standard for geometry throughout the animation industry.

    This course answers several questions: 

    • What is a subdivision surface?
    • What are the extended features, and how exactly do they work?
    • What is the Feature Adaptive algorithm, and how does it make the surfaces useful on GPUs?
    • What is OpenSubdiv, and how does it implement these algorithms?
    • How do you integrate OpenSubdiv into an application and a pipeline?
    • What are the challenges and solutions associated with putting OpenSubdiv on a mobile device?   

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