“Modeling and Toolpath Generation for Consumer-Level 3D Printing” by Dinh, Lefebvre, Gelman and Claux

  • ©H. Quynh Dinh, Sylvain Lefebvre, Filipp Gelman, and Frédéric Claux



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    Modeling and Toolpath Generation for Consumer-Level 3D Printing

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    Basic familiarity with 3D modeling and 3D printing.

    Who Should Attend
    Hobbyists, researchers, and professionals interested in the realities of consumer-level 3D printing.

    Consumer-level 3D printing has taken off in the past five years, with a significant rise in the number of 3D printers in households, universities, and K-12 schools, and MakerBot Replicators have a significant share of that market. In this course, the MakerBot Slicer team and the ShapeForge team developing the IceSL software at INRIA discuss challenges, solutions, and open questions in printer toolpath generation.

    The course presents an in-depth view of what is required to produce high-quality 3D prints with today’s consumer-level technology. Topics include the many challenges associated with developing modeling and slicing software for several generations of printers with different characteristics, how to overcome mechanical problems with software solutions, the properties of molten plastic that make 3D printing a complex problem, and optimizations to improve print time and reduce plastic usage.  

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