“Real-Time Rendering of Physically Based Optical Effects in Theory and Practice” by Gotanda, Kawase and Kakimoto

  • ©Yoshiharu Gotanda, Masaki Kawase, and Masanori Kakimoto



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    Real-Time Rendering of Physically Based Optical Effects in Theory and Practice

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    Working knowledge of modern real-time or off-line rendering techniques. Familiarity with the concepts of programmable shading and shading languages.

    Who Should Attend
    Technical practitioners and developers of graphics engines for visualization, games, or effects rendering, who are interested in photo-realistic optical simulation and rendering.   

    Although the latest video games implement post-processing for optical effects, they can be significantly improved. This course introduces how to implement optical effects based on optics (physics) and optical theory, which is necessary to implement physically based optical effects.

    Masaki Kawase, one of the course speakers, has reproduced complex optical-lens behaviors for real-time rendering and given many presentations about his work, but only in Japanese. At SIGGRAPH 2015, his techniques are presented in English for the first time. The course includes many practical examples of advanced optical effects and details of theory and implementation.  

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