“Computational 3D Imaging: Advances in Time-of-Flight Imaging” by Kadambi, Bhandari, Izadi, Raskar and Taamazyan

  • ©Achuta Kadambi, Ayush Bhandari, Shahram Izadi, Ramesh Raskar, and Vage Taamazyan



Entry Number: 02


    Computational 3D Imaging: Advances in Time-of-Flight Imaging

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    Basic familiarity with digital signal processing.

    Who Should Attend
    Attendees who want to learn more about 3D image acquisition and basic processing.

    A growing number of tasks in computer graphics and vision exploit depth information acquired from 3D cameras.As a complement to this work, this course provides a self-contained overview of state-of-the-art 3D acquisition systems. It begins with an overview of the capabilities, limitations, and trends in 3D acquisition, emphasizing time-of-flight 3D technology, which forms the basis for the new Microsoft Kinect One. The DIY component of the course presents a simple hack to upgrade a Kinect into a system that can scan an object with laser-scanner resolution.

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