“Computation of Skinning Weight using Spline Interface” by Bang and Lee

  • ©Seungbae Bang and Sung-Hee Lee

  • ©Seungbae Bang and Sung-Hee Lee

  • ©Seungbae Bang and Sung-Hee Lee

  • ©Seungbae Bang and Sung-Hee Lee



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    Computation of Skinning Weight using Spline Interface




    Among many approaches for object and character deformation, closed-form skinning methods, such as Linear Blend Skinning (LBS) and Dual Quaternion Skinning (DQS), are widely used as they are fast and intuitive. The quality of these skinning methods highly depends on specifying appropriate skinning weights to vertices, which requires the intensive efforts of professional artists in production animation. 

    Software such as Maya and 3DS Max provides a paint-based interface, by which a user manually draws skinning weights on a mesh surface. This tool provides a high degree of freedom in specifying the skinning weights, but is not convenient. Users need to paint repeatedly with many strokes to reach a satisfying result while frequently changing many parameters, such as brush size and smoothness. 

    This paper introduces a novel interface for editing skinning weights by using splines [Bang and Lee 2018]. In our interface, a spline curve defines an isoline of skinning weights. When a user manipulates the spline curves on a mesh surface, which changes the desired shape of the isolines, our method determines the skinning weights on the entire mesh such that the desired isolines are satisfied while the skinning weights between the isolines are smoothly interpolated or propagated.


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