The Computer Animation Festival is defined by one word: vision. Through its unique blend of the art and technology that can be achieved with computer graphics and interactive techniques, it has helped display the vision and achievement of the pioneering forces of our industry for the past 30 years. Each year, it serves as a mirror of what is possible today and a window into what can be achieved in the future. The Computer Animation Festival is internationally recognized and lauded as an event that serves to engage and inspire artists, scientists, engineers, designers, and students to harness the power of the digital image to explore the boundlessness of imagination.

    The SIGGRAPH 2003 Computer Animation Festival is no exception. Whether it be animation, visualization, simulation, visual effects demonstration, or technical presentation, we invite you to challenge us to dream about the possibilities of the future and entertain us through amazing imagery and story. Show us your computer-generated visions, and you could have the opportunity to share that vision with thousands of your colleagues.

    SIGGRAPH 2003 Computer Animation Festival Chair
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