“Giant Claw / Land of Giants” by Haines and James

  • ©Tim Haines and Jasper James



    Giant Claw / Land of Giants




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Framestore CFC


    Using Softimage, Mental Ray, and proprietary software we created 12 creatures for over 200 effects shots,ranging from the nimble Velociraptor to herds of Argentinasaurus, the largest-ever land creature. New challenges included integration and interaction of the creatures with a live actor and development of a full muscle-based enveloping system to create realistic skin behaviour.Technical developments in the animation rigs allowed for more naturalistic ani-mation, while improvements in the lighting and rendering process gave greater flexibility at the compositing stage.

Additional Contributors:

    Contributors: Tim Greenwood, George Roper, Mike Milne, Max Tyrie, Sarah Tosh, Darren Byford, Daren Horley