“Carl & Ray Continued: Tippett Studio 3D Character Animation for Blockbuster” by Williams

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    Carl & Ray Continued: Tippett Studio 3D Character Animation for Blockbuster




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  • Tippett Studio


    The continuing adventures of “Carl & Ray,“ those zany, furry Blockbuster Videospokes characters created by the artists of Tippett Studio utilizing their proprietary fur tool. In this year’s montage, the Tippett team has further refined and built on the artistic and technical challenges of bringing photo-real house pets into the realm of the fantastic. Dancing, sliding, juggling, and dripping with water, Carl & Ray continue to entertain audiences worldwide while setting new standards for photo-realistic fur and 3D character animation.

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Carol Corwin, Alonzo Ruvalcaba (Tippett Studio), Clint Goldman (Complete Pandemonium), Paul Renusch, Josh Reynolds (Doner)
    Contributors: Tippett Studio
    Visual Effects Supervisors: Joel Friesch, Jim McVay, Scott Souter and Frank Petzold
    Lead Animators: Todd Labonte, Eric Reynolds
    Animators: Jim Brown, Raquel Coelho, David House, Patrick Lowery, Karen Prell, Morgan Ratsoy