“Ode to Summer” by Hui

  • ©Ron Hui


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    Ode to Summer




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited


    “Ode to Summer“ is an attempt to use CG technology to bring to life the art ofChinese ink brush painting. It has the usual elements found in Chinese paintings,like lotus, koi, lady, rock, tree, and calligraphy. All the objects are 3D geometry,and the unique Chinese brush strokes realized through a combination of models and shaders. Texture maps have been kept to the minimum, and it is adequate just to use simple lighting. Until now, animated Chinese paintings could be achieved only with difficult frame-by-frame handwork. With CG technology,they are possible.

Additional Contributors:

    Contributors: Ron Hui, Tony Neoh, Raymond Neoh, Ling Xu, Moon Chen, Ong Kiem Ching, Laurence Meng, Kamiyu Guo, Paul Liang, Holic Chen, Polpol Shi, Lion Li, Roxanne Li Shi Ke, Bai Jing, Leo Zeng, Sinlone, Fu Xinyong, Angus Liu, Panny Guo, Shine Xing, Chen Jianle, Ivy Wang, Kiki Sun, Elva Yang