“Gatorade “23 VS 39”” by Pytka

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    Gatorade “23 VS 39”




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Digital Domain, Inc.


    Gatorade “23 vs 39“ presented interesting challenges. The spot involves pres-ent-day Michael Jordan playing one-on-one against 1986 Michael Jordan. Thechallenge was to keep the performances fresh, creating the illusion that twoMJs are playing one-on-one. Our approach involved finding a body double who could do all of MJs moves. Using computer graphics, “intelligent skin“ technology,and image compositing, we convincingly replaced the body double’s head with a perfect version of Michael Jordan’s 1986 head in action in a variety of lighting scenarios.

Additional Contributors:

    VFX Supervisor: Fred Raimondi
    CG Supervisor: Brad Parker
    VFX Producer: Stephanie Gilgar
    Lead Technical Director: Darren Hendler
    Technical Directors: Paul George, Brian Goldberg, Erick Miller
    Hair Technical Director: Arthur Gregory
    Modeler: Melanie Okamura
    Texture Painters: Piotr Karwas, Dan Fowler
    Flame Compositor: Julien Meesters
    Compositors: Sean Devereaux, Rob Nederhorst, Christine Lo
    Rotoscope Artists: Laura Ormsby, James Kuroda, Byron Werner
    Production Coordinators: Brian Peyatt, Kim Elliott
    Character Animators: Bernd Angerer, Dan Fowler, Piotr Karwas, David Hodgins
    Tracking Artists: Scott Edelstein, Ross Mackenzie
    Paint Artist: Shannan Burkley

Animation / Video Overview: