“Early Bloomer” by Johnson

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    Early Bloomer




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Sony Pictures Imageworks


    A lighthearted story of a young tadpole discovering the awkwardness of growing up. This short subject began as in-house training exercise at Sony PicturesImageworks to help its animators and effects artists learn the latest commercial and proprietary animation and rendering tools, and to explore visual storytelling.The animation has a traditional sensibility, but the stylized, painterly look and ethereal underwater environment were achieved with refraction,caustics, particle and wake effects, and ambient occlusion.

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by Sony Pictures Imageworks
    Created and Directed by Kevin Johnson
    Associate Producer: Sande Scoredos
    Music by Mark Mancina
    Edited by Guy T. Wiedmann
    Visual Development by Todd Wilderman
    Look Development by Clara Chan
    Character and Environment Supervisor: Todd Pilger
    CG Supervisors: Max Bruce, Adrian Iler
    Character Technical Supervisor: Carolyn Oros
    Lead Color and Lighting: Clint Colver
    Lead Effects Animation: Tom Pushpathadam
    Lead Animation Support: Sumit Das
    Digital Production Supervisor: Andrea Lackey Pace
    Modelers: Henry Darnell, Marvin Kim
    Animators: Renato Dos Anjos, Derek Friesenborg, Paul Jessel, Noel McGinn, Henry Sato, William Tessier, Jim Van der keyl, Kelly Wilcox Travers
    Additional Animators: Chris Hurtt, Sean Mullen, Troy Saliba, Brian Schindler, David Earl Smith, Pepe Valencia
    Associate Producer: Sande Scoredos
    Color and Lighting: Grant Anderson, Ruben Flores, Harry Gunderson, Todd Hara, Aaron Lawn, Hae-Jeon Lee, Blaine Kennison
    Additional Color and Lighting: Bonjin Byun, Colin Drobnis, Layne Friedman, Grady Campbell, Jep Hill, Duffy Knox, Scott McKee, Sarah Moore, Amanda Morrison, Bruno Vilela
    Texture Painters: Susan Kornfeld, John McGee, Travis Price
    Shaders: Laurence Treweek
    Production Services: Tom Hite, John J. Lee, Corey MacMillan, Chuck McIlvain, Scott Parrish, George Richman, Ned Wilson, Natalia Zoubtsova
    End Titles by: Rachel Nicoll
    Sound: Robert Gordon
    Filmout Supervisor: Rob Bredow
    Film Recording: Derrick Quarles
    Negative Cutter: Boyd Steer
    CG Pipeline: Alan Davidson
    Training Support: Steve Prawat
    Systems Support: Ted Alexandre, Hector Barrera
    Post Production Supervisor: Jill Ragaway
    Post Services Provided by Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, CA
    Digital Conforming: Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc.
    Music Produced by Dave Metzger
    Executive in Charge of Production: Jenny Fulle
    Special Thanks to: Tim Sarnoff, Barry Weiss, Sandra Rabins, Penney Finkelman Cox, Michelle Murdocca

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