“Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos” by Carpenter

  • ©Nicholas S. Carpenter  Blizzard Entertainment


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    Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos




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  • Blizzard Entertainment


    Vast landscapes, huge armies, great heroes. This beautiful and evocative glimpse into the story of “Warcraft” is the best representation of the lands of Azeroth yet created. All computer-generated, using all key-framed animation. Useful not only in generating soft-edged cloudy effects, these fields may also be used to derive isometric surfaces around volumes, and they are highly effective in representation of fluids. The “Warcraft 3” pre-rendered cinematics break new ground in computer graphics by bringing huge armies; cloak-enshrouded, long haired characters; and photorealistic landscapes to the screen. Created on PCs running 3ds max. Compositing was handled using Adobe AfterEffects and Discreet Combustion.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Scott Abeyta
    Contributors: Scott Abeyta, John Burnett, Nicholas S. Carpenter, John Chalfant, Jeff Chamberlain, Aaron Chan, Ben Dai, Joe Frayne, Jay Hathaway, Harley D. Huggins II, Jared Keller, Jon Lanz, Alen Lapidis, James McCoy, Matthew Mead, Dennis Price, Matt Samia, Mark Skelton, Patrick Thomas, Seth Thompson, Ru Weerasuriya, Kenson Yu

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