“Johnnie Walker ‘Fish'” by Kleinman

  • ©Daniel Kleinman  Framestore CFC



    Johnnie Walker 'Fish'




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Framestore CFC


    Real and CG elements combine beautifully in a startling commercial. A strong 3D component was necessary to create the shoals of swimmers. The team worked in Maya, using the Mel scripting language, to generate the CG people. The shoalshape was described using a few key people and then interpolating from that.Maya particle technology enabled technical directors to create vast numbers of people for the shoal shots. The dolphin-leap shots entailed swimmers being strapped to a rig and hauled out of the water at high speed. The rigs were removed in post, and CG characters were added to complement the live-action Inferno Composites.

Additional Contributors:

    Animation Supervisor: Andrew Daffy
    3D R&D: Alex Parkinson
    Inferno Artists: William Bartlett, Murray Butler
    Technical Director: Andrew Chapman

Animation / Video Overview: