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    Broaden your understanding of foundational and cutting-edge techniques in SIGGRAPH Courses. Beginners and experts alike explore the breadth of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

    Courses distill concepts and ideas into lessons for all levels.

    Courses offer SIGGRAPH attendees the chance to develop their understanding of CG and interactive techniques. For experts wishing to give back and share their knowledge, Courses are a unique opportunity to present material to an engaged and responsive audience.

    Courses target any level of expertise from beginner to expert and cut across all corners of computer graphics and interactive techniques. They lie anywhere on a continuum from conceptual and theoretical, to practical and applied. In typical short courses (1.5 hours), a single lecturer covers a topic for a select audience. Long courses (3.25 hours) feature one or more presenters and explore topics in greater depth. Some subjects present a unified full-day course or two long courses. can be proposed or assembled from two long courses.

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