The annual SIGGRAPH conference film and video show has achieved prominence as an international showcase for the presentation of outstanding achievements in computer graphics motion imagery. This year, the scope of this celebrated event has been expanded to reflect the growing synergy of creative arts and high technology. Renamed the electronic theater, this event features the traditional film and videotape presentations, and gives recognition to related forms of electronic entertainment media. In particular, there are real time performances demonstrating the application of computer graphics in the areas of information displays, dance and laser presentations. A great deal of attention has been given to integrating these elements into a cohesive multi-media performance event. A prestigious jury of well-known computer graphics professionals selected the entries listed in this catalog for the Tuesday and Wednesday evening programs. Response to this year’s call for participation was tremendous. A total of 136 films and videotapes, totaling over 11 hours of screening time, were submitted by artists and scientists from the United States, West Germany, Canada, England, France, Japan, Brazil, Australia and Italy. A performance committee of visual artists and production experts helped select some of the live performances, and directed the staging and sequencing of both evening events. Each show consists of a mix of artistic, commercial, scientific and applications-oriented motion computer graphics, and real time presentations. The electronic theater has been planned in accordance with SIGGRAPH’s philosophy of innovation with excellence. So, sit back, relax and enjoy!

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