“Cranston/Csuri Productions Demo Reel” by Cranston/Csuri Productions, Inc.

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    Cranston/Csuri Productions Demo Reel

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Cranston/Csuri Productions, Inc.


    The Cranston/Csuri demo reel is comprised of recent contributions to advertising and television promotion as well as work in progress for research and development. Sequences: ABC News, ABC Sports, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, HBO/Cinemax, Goldcrest Multimedia Television, Canadian Broadcasting Corp./Bo Gehring & Associates, Contac/Ogilvy & Mather/Lofaro & Associates, Gannet Broadcasting, Bay Cable/ J. Walter Thompson, WCVB-TV Boston, Ohio Lottery, Caesar’s Palace, WFLD-TV Channel 32 Chicago


    HARDWARE: Two VAX 11/780’s, two VAX 11/750’s, IMI-500
    display, Megatek 7200 vector device, Eikonix
    camera digitizing system, two custom-built frame
    buffers, one Sun Micro Workstation I, seven Sun
    Micro Workstation Il’s, a number of vector
    drawing teminals and tablets, Ampex ESS-2
    electronic still store, Celco optical film recorder,
    1″ videotape recorder

Additional Contributors:

    Created by: Ramish Balasabramanian, John Berton, Wayne Carlson, Peter Carswell, Ronnie Cheung, Michael Collery, Paul Conley, Scott Dyer, Jose Garabis, Julian Gomez, Shaun Ho, Marc Howard, Janice Jensen, Doug Kingsbury, Jeff Light, Thomas Longtin, Bob Marshall, Steve Martino, John Miller, Maria Palazzi, Sally Pryor, Andrew Quinn, Paul Sidlo, Mark Steeves, Don Stredney, Bob Sutterfield, Ron Tsang, Wayne Tyler, Susan Van Baerle, John Weber
    Produced at: Cranston/Csuri Productions, Columbus, Ohio 1984

Additional Information:

    Format: 5:30; 1″; sound

Animation / Video Overview: