“Ohio State University Computer Graphics Research Group Demo Reel” by The Ohio State University

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    Ohio State University Computer Graphics Research Group Demo Reel

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • The Ohio State University


    Trash is the story of a garbage can trying to get some sleep in a large city. The soundtrack is important for introducing elements into the story. Mood and environment were important in making design decisions. Snoot & Muttly is an experimental piece that explores 3-D computer generated character animation. The portrayal of characters with convincing personalities, attitudes and motivations is essential to the animation. Chimera represents research in complex character movement within a story. The Skeleton Animation System sequence shows adaptive human locomotion over level and uneven surfaces. The Skeleton Animation System makes use of information about the scene and feedback from the figure to control the motion of the human skeleton as it moves.


    HARDWARE: VAX 11/780, 640 x 484 x 32 bit frame buffer,
    E&S PS-300, Megatek vector display, Ampex ESS 2,
    Yamaha DX-7 digital synthesizer


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: “scn.assmblr” raster display software originally
    designed by Frank Crow, “twixt” interactive 3-D
    event driven animation system was developed by
    Julian Gomez. Texture mapping display algorithm
    written by Paul MacDougal. Special purpose
    “path.walker”, “change.shape.attach” and bubble
    flight programs by Douglas Kingsbury. Skeleton
    animation system by David Zeltzer.

Additional Contributors:

    Trash: Animator: John C. Donkin
    Animation software: Julian E. Gomez
    Texture mapping software: Paul MacDougal
    Snoot & Muttly: Animation by Susan Van Baerle, Douglas Kingsbury
    Original music by John A. Berton, Jr.
    Chimera: Thuy Tran, Marsha McDevitt, Kevin Reagh
    The Skeleton Animation System: David Zeltzer
    Hidden Agenda: Animation and programming: Michael Girard, Susan Amkraut
    Produced at: Ohio State University Computer Graphics Research Group and Department of Art Education, Columbus, Ohio 1984

Additional Information:

    Format: 8:21; 1”; sound

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