“The Adventures of Andre & Wally B.” by Lucasfilm

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    The Adventures of Andre & Wally B.

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Lucasfilm


    Andre & Wally B. demonstrates classic full character animation augmented by complete motion blur and rich environments. All characters and sets are 3-D. Everything is completely computer generated and illustrates the many techniques presented in the SIGGRAPH ’84 technical sessions by members of the Lucasfilm Computer Graphics Project.


    HARDWARE: Ikonas frame buffers, E&S Picture System II,
    Hitachi tablets, SMI Sun Computers, VAX 11/780,
    VAX 11/750


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Animation, rendering and compositing software,
    created by the members of the Lucasfilm
    Computer Graphics Project, is written in C under
    UNIX 4.2.

Additional Contributors:

    Forest set design and rendering: William Reeves
    Character design and animation: John Lasseter
    3-D animation program: Tom Duff, Eben Ostby
    3-D rendering: Rob Cook, Loren Carpenter
    Concept and direction: Alvy Ray Smith
    Additional models: Ed Catmull, David Salesin, Tom Porter, Sam Leffler
    Computer logistics: Craig Good
    Produced at: Lucasfilm Ltd, San Rafael, California 1984

Additional Information:

    Format: 2:00; 35mm; sound

Animation / Video Overview: