“Digital Effects: Our Favorites” by Digital Effects, Inc.

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    Digital Effects: Our Favorites

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Digital Effects, Inc.


    These materials were produced at Digital Effects. In some instances, computer generated imagery is composited optically with live action footage. Digital Effects is the first computer animation facility located in New York.


    HARDWARE: Harris 800, Harris 500, IBM 4341, PDP 11/34,
    output onto 35mm film using a Dicomed film
    recorder at 2000 lines of resolution, motion
    developed and tested using an IRIS 1200,
    rendering preview done on Kanematsu GRAPHICA
    frame buffer


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: VISIONS is the proprietary software developed by
    Digital Effects

Additional Contributors:

    Animation: Don Leich, D.L. Deas, Andy Kopra, Joe Pasquale
    Software: C. Robert Hoffman III, Carl Frederick
    Hardware: Paul Yurt
    Producers/directors: Jeffrey Kleiser, Judson Rosebush, George Parker
    Produced at: Digital Effects, Inc., New York, New York 1984

Additional Information:

    Format: 5:00; 35mm; sound

Animation / Video Overview: